Thursday, April 26, 2012

D's Big Quarter of a Century Milestone

My wonderful boyfriend is getting older. 25 to be exact!

For his actual day of birth, D had a BJJ symposium and grading conference over that whole weekend. We still managed to steal some time the night of his actual birthday to watch the fights with friends.

I made him a cake, because you have to have cake on your birthday, even if you aren't celebrating it until a later date!
D turns the big 2-5!
 So because I am a student, and incredibly poor this time of year, I had to get a little creative for D's birthday gift. I saw this post: 1 Year of Dates on Shannon Brown's blog and fell in love with the idea!
D says I am not decisive enough when it comes to options for us to go out and do things....So I gave him one year of decisive, and unique dates. We'll be trying new things, tasting new foods, and going places we haven't been before. Added bonus, I don't have to actually pay for the dates until we go on them! (And some of them are even free!)

I'll be posting some of my ideas on here in the near future.

 ...I may have over done it on the chocolate shavings on top...but you can never have too much chocolate...right?
Chocolate Stout Cake with Whipped Cream Cheese Icing

This is a delicious, rich and moist chocolate cake without being overly sweet.
I followed this exact recipe over at My Baking Addiction for the cake. She is so talented, check out her fundamentals for some great tips!

I used Bad Hare Chocolate Stout for the required beer.
BONUS: it's enough that you don't even use 1 whole bottle for the you don't have to buy extras if you don't want to actually drink the stout!

And I found this little gem for one of the BEST icings I have ever had. I'm not a huge icing person, so that's saying something!
Our friend kept stealing the icing off of everyone's slices when they weren't looking and requested a bowl of it for her upcoming cake....just a bowl of the icing.

It was a perfect light and airy balance to the cake.

Coming up this weekend I'm throwing D a full out birthday party to make up for the lower level of excitement on his actual birthday.

Look forward to more bday posts soon!

What is your favorite birthday gift you've ever received?


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