Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Go Big D or go home!

So for Big D's birthday we had a Beer Tasting at my place.
We invited everyone to bring a bottle, or a few of a unique brew for people to sample, and then to bring whatever else they wanted to drink for in between samples.
We stuck the beer in a plastic bin from Dollarama, filled it with ice, and let people go wild. Little plastic cups (Not Red Solo cups...that is not sample sized...no matter what your drunk cousin may say to convince you otherwise!) and sharpies were provided so no one had to swap spit out of the bottles. There was more distinguished analysis of the flavour, after tastes, bubbles, etc...at the beginning of the night. Let's just say not everybody stayed so distinguished till the end. ;)

I just realized now in creating this post, that I didn't actually get any shots of just the unique beers....what was I thinking??

Anyways...I'll be breaking down my recipes from the party in posts over the next week or so as I find glimpses of momentary freedom in my crazy schedule. Spring semester is wild busy (I don't know what I was thinking!), plus the roommate and job searching takes up the rest of my "free" time.  
Let's just say I'm over due for a lazy night doing whatever I damn well please...and clean laundry...
Wish me luck fellow bloggers!

We went all out on the food, and made almost everything from scratch! 
What goes better with beer than nachos, soft pretzels, and pizza (rolls)? 
Nothing! That's what! ;)

There were nachos to accompany my homemade guacamole.

The tricky trickster of the bread family!
Homemade pretzels and D's Hot mustard dip....they look deceivingly easy....they are not!

These were an amalgamation of a few different pizza roll recipes I found online...unfortunately I was stuck at my house icing cupcakes (darn little cream cheese chunks kept clogging the piping tips!) so I didn't have time to help D with my experiment. They turned out great though and were a smashing success! The platter was gone and needing refilled everytime we turned around it seemed!
mmmm pizza! Isn't my man just the most talented?

 We made some Vodka Gummy Bear shots
The before and after...they almost tripled in size!

I made D's cake...of course! But I never claimed to be good at decorating! 
(It says "Happy 25th Daryl")
Coffee Cupcakes with varying strength coffee cream cheese icing, as per birthday boy's request.

I had to get creative as I remembered everything...except the birthday candles!
It fell over shortly after he blew it out!

Happyy Birrrrtthdaayyy toooo youuuuuu!

D playing with his Rockin' birthday gifts! These gifts perfectly sum up D's interests...his friends know him so well!

His actually playable electric guitar shirt....and MMA Oven Mitts...his three favorite hobbies! :)

He told me later that this was his best birthday ever by far. There was much satisfaction to be had in having made almost everything from scratch, and having people just eat it up till we ran out. He was proud of our accomplishments...and I am so proud of him!

And of course...what guy doesn't want a cooler and a fridge full of leftover beer that just couldn't be "wasted" as a birthday present? ;)

The only somewhat cute picture of us all night...

Happy Birthday Babe...I love you!

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