Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Easter Bunny is Coming!

Some of my favorite ideas from Martha Stewart:

I've seen these with goldfish crackers in them too....SO cute!

I had a whole list of  different post ideas to share with you all this Easter, however due to some technical difficulties, I lost pretty much all of them.
It seems that my real life clumsiness translates too easily to computers!

Due to family emergencies and schoolwork combined this crazy crazy week, I just don't have time to recreate all of the posts. So I will just share with you what I will be bringing to my family gathering this Easter, and save all of the other great ideas for next year.

 I'm not sure about the Nutella or Mini Eggs, but I believe the rest of the recipe is a gluten free alternative* to all of the other recipes you see on Pinterest with chow mein noodles. Just make sure to double check your ingredient's contents!
(Perfect for D's sister-in-law at Brunch tomorrow! I'll share my final recipe here after this weekend.)
*I learned that they are not actually Gluten free! See explanation in this post.

Deviled Eggs are such a classic for Easter!
Here are a couple of ideas for you guys.

I believe that I will be attempting this AllRecipes variation for our Brunch tomorrow (the one above is just so much prettier):
Cheese AND Bacon?? I can't see this going wrong....

Here's a fun color variation for you to attempt with whichever flavor you decide to go with!


 Does your family have a go-to Easter tradition? On my Dad's side of the family we always have Brunch....what could be better than brunch in the springtime with all of the fresh berries?



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