Sunday, September 16, 2012

Final Back to School

So here it last year of school EVER.

 On my last first day of school (hopefully!) EVER!!!

Now that I have moved into my new place and I have a job serving for the year, I feel like my life is finally settling down. Aside from two more weddings we will be attending this fall, we have nothing big planned for this year which is a relief.

I am looking forward to powering through this semester, and enjoying my practicum the next. Finishing up with two Spring courses to complete my degree.

In preparation for my last year of school ever (...I hope!), I have decided to make a list of things I want to work on and accomplish by the time I graduate. Things that I've been putting off for a long time, or have never been good at sticking with.

Personal Goals:
Work on being a better, more present friend
Spending individual quality time with family members
Be more social - and do it frugally.
Actually do my readings before classes
Attempt to do laundry more regularly - not just relying on my tons of clothes to keep putting it off
Work on building a closet of versatile, quality basics that will last me years
...and cheap, fun, in-style-for-now pieces
Blogging more often...finding things that inspire and challenge me to do so. I have been so neglectful to my budding little blog. I really want to see it grow and develop in the next year.

Health Goals:
Be more physically active - and work doesn't count
Be better about making meals for school/work
Stretch more often

Sewing Goals:
Refashion more of my clothes
Make pillows for the living room
Make curtains for my bedroom
Make a blanket for the couch and across the foot of my bed
Finish sewing a piece of clothing I actually will wear...and like

Downsizing Goals:
Nail polish box
Refashion or get rid of clothes I never wear anymore - I'm usually pretty good at the downsizing...but I should really take the time to alter them into favorite pieces...most of them just need a little tweaking
Go through all of my old school papers and notes that I'll never use or read again...even though I think I will (I really won't!)
The excessive pens and notebooks collection
Jewelry Supplies
Text books - sell 'em!

Kitchen Goals:
Try a new recipe at least every other week
Never show up somewhere empty-handed
Always do the dishes right away

Financial Goals:
Save 10% of all of my income
Work enough so that I don't have to rely on student loans for month-to-month bills
Make Christmas and Birthday gifts for friends instead of buying them

I plan to update this list as the year progresses - adding to it, and crossing off the things I have accomplished at those points in time. Just to see how far I've come by the end of the year. I'm hoping it will be quite far.

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