Friday, March 09, 2012

UPcycling adventures so far

Feel free to

For my first ever post I'd like to share with you my most memorable upcycling attempts so far.

 In 2010 my big thing was furniture because that was when I ventured from the nest. Yeah Freedom!

I have yet to finish my side and coffee table (a beautiful $17.00 solid wood thrift store find) because I have no where to work with them in my apartment and I didn't want to die from toxic paint fumes.

That may be a little dramatic...but life gets in the way and you tend to forget that your parents have them tucked away in a storage shed for you. How convienient!
Here's the last pictures I took before they were stuck in storage:

 Side Table:
 Coffee Table:

The tops were quite damaged but it is still beautiful wood, just in need of some TLC

I hope to one day finish them. Although there is now a coat of primer on there that I didn't get the chance to photograph...I've started to think I might like them more with the natural or a stained wood top and painted legs....we'll see! Sandpaper is a girl's best friend sometimes!

I bought a table and chairs set for $25 off of Kijiji and the seats of the chairs were horrendously stained and white. I re-upholstered the most stained of the two before I decided that picture documentation of the before and after would be fun.

I chose the blue and ivory fabric because my new kitchen had blue knobs on all of the cabinets. I love how they turned out!
(Truth be told...they are VERY uncomfortable and would be better as stools... But they look good, right?)
Notice my mom's homemade squirrel quilt hanging over her rocking chair. How cute is that?

 I was able to finish my $5.00 nightstand from Value Village which is my upcycling love, as well as my kitchen chairs.

 Mint green....How shall I even begin to explain my love for you? It is vast. 
I plan on lovingly sharing your beauty with my world.

I ended up leaving the primer showing through my brushstrokes of mint green and it gave it a cool antique-y vibe.

Here is the final product in my room where it belongs! I apologize for the dullness of the photo...the actual color in person is much closer to the above photo.
The top drawer hardware is original, the bottom two are pulls I found at Anthropologie for $8.00 a pop (OUCH!) but they matched the tarnished brass look of the original hardware.

This false key hole made it 20x harder to find matching hardware because the bottom drawer had those annoying plastic binders as pulls. Very ineffective!

I have an old love. This old love is my pre-teen-hood quilt.
My parents got my sister and I matching quilts when I was around 10-12. I was never in love with the quilt then, but over time I have developed a deep respect and attachment to this old thing.
Over time it was too well-loved (that used to be a much darker burgandy!), and it was time to either repair the holes developing, or find a new spin to keep it around for another 11 or so years.

Here is the reverse (and softest side)...don't you just love reversible things?

In January 2012 I enlisted the help of my mom to re-cover this old love of mine with some pre-loved home decor.
This was an old Ikea (1990's baby!) curtain and a blue sheet I found at Value Village - total cost was around $7.00
The curtain is similar to a light white denim, and the sheet was a very slinky/slippery material so it was a little tricky to work with. I'm thankful that I had Mother dearest to help me through the process.

Here is the final result. I must admit I am not proficient with a camera in case you hadn't noticed yet...also, I took most of these with my phone...not the best of the best quality, but I'm sure you get the jist!

One of the best parts? I had fallen in love with this quilt: V.Village a couple of months before, but it had a huge orangey stain on it so I couldn't bring myself to buy it-I was so torn!
I feel like my upcycle was successfully close enough as a replica...and that was unintentional too! I must have really liked this quilt! ;)

So now that you are all caught up on my upcycling adventures thus far, I hope you'll stick around for my future endeavors!

Have any of you had any major re-do successes or flops?

<3 Happy Friday Everyone! <3


  1. Hi! I just wanted to pop by and say thanks so much for visiting my blog and following! Your upcycled furniture looks great! I love the shape of your coffee tables, and your nightstand is beautiful! I'm currently trying to figure out a way to display or use my childhood quilt too. It is so full of holes. I'm probably going to have to take off the appliqués and use them on some sturdier fabric.

    1. Thanks so much! I'm in LOVE with my nightstand in particular...I'm crazy proud of it and my quilt. It feels so satisfying to make old things prettier!
      That sounds like a great idea, I'd love to see a post on remaking your childhood quilt!

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say that I love the story about how you chose your blog name. It's so sweet!

    1. Thank you! My friends tell me I'm going to be a great mom because I'm such a "nester" :)